CBD Salve
CBD Salve

CBD Salve

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We all experience aches and pains to some degree. Sometimes they are minor and will go away in a few days, or they're caused because we're working out and the pain will subside soon. Other times pain is a constant hum in our lives and we need something to take the edge off. That's exactly where this CBD salve comes in.

Our CBD salve only contains the best ingredients without any additives or anything that might reduce CBD's renowned pain-relieving abilities. Made only from shea butter, beeswax, menthol and of course a healthy dose of CBD, this gets to work fast. First, you'll feel the menthol as it cools and relaxes the area, but it's the CBD that gets in deep and stops the pain where it originates from.

This 1oz tin contains a whopping 350mg of CBD, which is the perfect amount to supply you with consistent pain relief. Whether you need this every day or only as needed, you'll find that it works wonders on reducing your pain and helping you get through the day. Not only that, but an added benefit is that the shea butter and beeswax will moisture the area and improve your skin.

Some of the best features include:

  • Made from all the best ingredients, gets to work fast by cooling and relaxing the area.
  • CBD is ideal for pain relief, it's strong enough to reduce pain without being overwhelming.
  • Contains no THC, only helpful CBD.
  • This tin should last you a good while, even if you use it every day

We could all use a little help with pain relief and this is the ideal product. It's natural, feels great, and you can use it every day without a problem. CBD has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and you'll feel it get to work fast as you get on with your day. Order yours today!

Ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, menthol and cbd



*does not contain THC

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